URALMASH — is the CHAMPION of Russian Super League in second time! Alexander Zakharov wins the MVP title!

Yekaterinburg team became champions of Russian Super League in the regular season and playoffs 2022/23!

For the first time UNICS becomes a CHAMPION in VTB United League!

The team from Kazan had a great season and showed the best VTB League teams their teeth. Congrats all our clients with a great result! The score in series vs Loko-Kuban is 4-1.

Xavi wins VTB League SuperCup with Zenit! 25.09.2022 Big hug and respect to our friend and client Zenit Basketball Club head coach Xavi Pascual who managed to win the 2022 VTB United League SuperCup! Xavi Pascual's Zenit won their first VTB League title 05.06.2022 Big hug and respect to our friend and client Xavi Pascual and our players, as they managed to win trophy against the great Champion with special DNA CSKA Moscow in thriller series (4-3). One more award for Nimrod Levi! 04.06.2022

Nimrod Levi was selected to the Israeli WinnerLeague team of the 2021-22 season!

Evgeniy Pashutin's Uralmash won the Superleague-1 title. Justin Roberson was named MVP! 04.05.2022 Coach Pashutin extended their unbeaten run to 23-0! Justin Roberson was named Russian SL-1 MVP, Anton Glazunov and Javonte Douglas were selected to the All-Superleague-1 Team of the season! Pavel Zemskiy received the CYBL MVP Award! 03.05.2022

Amazing season for Pavel, as he also got an opportunity to practice with Xavi Pascual's main team and became the 2022 VTB Youth League Champion. Keep going!

Nimrod Levi and Kostas Stratakis became the Balkan League Champions! 01.05.2022

Our clients led team to their first title in 2022! Nimrod Levi was named Balkan League Final Four MVP!

Corbin, Flannigan, Buliava and Acuoth conquered the 2022 Caucasus Basketball League trophy! 14.04.2022 Guys woke up champions! Congratulations to our 4 players that helped Mega Tbilisi win the Caucasus League trophy and write history! Metallurg Magnitogorsk led by Alexander Mikhailov wins Russian Superleague-2! 25.04.2022 Our clients head coach Alexander Mikhailov, Stanislav Sarafankin and Semen Krasilschikov win the 2021-22 trophy of Superleague-2! Our clients received their VTB Youth Final Eight awards! 21.04.2022 Maxim Uchaykin was officially named Coach of the Year, Andrey Toptunov earned MVP and Filipp Gafurov was selected to the All-VTB Youth League Final Eight Team Alexey Chizhenok named MVP of March for VTB Youth League! 04.04.2022 Forward was in a dominant mood from start to finish to claim MVP of March of the Youth League. Sheleketo, Barashkov, Nesterov win the Russian Cup trophy 20.03.2022 Congratulations to our clients on winning their first title in 2022 with Samara. Gafurov, Umrikhin and Khalturin debuted in the VTB League 08.03.2022 Congrats to our clients Filipp Gafurov, Yuriy Umrikhin and Dmitriy Khalturin who were selected in the main team CSKA Moscow to play against Avtodor Saratov. Three Legends Monia, Fridzon, Vialtsev are back in action 05.03.2022 Three Legends "Captain Russia" Sergey Monia, Russian "Super Gun" Vitaliy Fridzon and Egor Vialtsev are back in action signing with Xavi Pascual's Zenit Saint Petersburg! Still determined and ready to show their skills! Sven Smajlagic debuts at Croatian National Team! 25.02.2022

Congrats to Sven Smajlagic on making his career debut for the Croatian NT at the 2023 FIBA World Cup European Qualifiers.

Dmitriy Khvostov is back in action! 19.02.2022 It’s a pleasure to watch Dmitriy Khvostov who is finally back for the first time since the 2020-21 season Our clients were selected to the 2022 VTB All-Star Game 26.01.2022 Congrats to Sergey Karasev, Dmitriy Kulagin, Stas Ilnitskiy and Errick McCollum for being selected to the 2022 VTB League All-Star Game that will be held in Moscow on February 20 at the VTB Arena. Well deserved!