About us

Moscow-based Rosette International Group (RIG) is one of the world’s premier sports management companies with widespread activities, which are basketball and soccer. RIG represents many Russian remarkable athletes.

Candidate of economic science. Born in 1982, January 9.

2004 - 2007
Post-graduate study (chair of economics) The Finance Academy to the Government of the Russian Federation, Moscow

2002 - 2003
The Finance Academy to the Government of the Russian Federation, Moscow Professional Development Course on Banking

1998 – 2003
Russian Economic Academy after G.V. Plekhanov, Moscow Commerce & Merchandising Institute Awarded qualification: Manager- Economist Specialisation: Economics, Business Management

Vadim Mikhalevskiy founded Rosette International Group Ltd. in 2005

Vadim Mikhalevskiy founded RIG in 2005 using the theme of “less is more”. The idea was that representing fewer clients would result in more attention for the company’s athletes. The result was the creation of a boutique-style firm that has placed in a job such clients as:
Players: Sergey Monia, Victor Khryapa, Vitaliy Fridzon, Sergey Karasev, Dmitriy Kulagin, Andrey Zubkov, Dmitriy Khvostov, Egor Vialtsev, Alexey Savrasenko, Alex Poythress, Gustavo Ayon, Shabazz Napier, Errick McCollum, Greg Whittington, Bostjan Nachbar, Jannero Pargo, Travis Hansen, Jarvis Hayes and many others.
Coaches: Xavi Pascual, Juergen Roeber, Sergey Bazarevich and many others.
The positive effect of the company’s philosophy is that RIG clients achieve their professional and financial potential.
In 17 years of agency work, RIG has represented more than 150 athletes – around 40 were members of the Russian Basketball National Team.
RIG provides full-service representation for their clients which includes contract negotiation, marketing partnership, legal and financial assistance.
Vadim Mikhalevskiy is both FIBA and FIFA, certified player agent.FIBA_logo_logotype.png